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Information All About Cats

Cat information, The domestic cats are warm blooded, furry, and carnivore’s mammals. A cat when kept inside homes or at homes as a pet is referred to as housecat. Cats in general thrive on meat in the wild by catching mice, rats, birds and rodents. They even hunt for small animals. Cats are a very intelligent species and do not depend on humans though they are very social. Whatever maybe the breed of domestic cats, they all come under one species. This cat information article will help you understand more about cats.

Cat information, Cats were domesticated by ancient Egyptians around 4,000 years ago. They have a unique skill to attack and kill rodents and rats, which attracted the attention of ancient human beings. Overtime cats have been domesticated as a companion or as pets at homes. Similar to their wild relatives in the jungle cats are natural hunters with their ability to chase and pounce on the prey with their sharp knife like claws. They have a unique ability to maneuver their body, are very agile and their long tails enable them to maintain an outstanding balance while chasing.

Cat Information and Temperament

Since cats are very independent they do what they feel like and do not depend on anyone. Every cat has a different personality. Some types of cats maybe fussy, some may meow a lot, some are very selective about what they eat while some need constant attention. Some cats are loners, some like to be held and pampered, while some may not even interact with humans. To gather your attention most cats meow and continuously rub their bodies against your leg.

Cats are known to posses some surprisingly intelligent behavior. A relaxed cat is loose and light while a scared one is tight and heavy. Cats love sleeping throughout the day and stay awake at night. They take many small naps during the day and hunt at nights. Cats usually sleep in secluded areas near or behind cupboards or where there is less movement. They love sharpening their claws and may do so whenever they find a rough surface to scratch.

Living conditions of cats

Cats can live solely indoors or outdoors. Cats play a very important role in farms by controlling the population of rodents. They cannot be caged, but can stay indoors at homes or outdoors. If caged, cats can go wild and are known to attack.

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Cat for pets is good to keep in apartments as they are comfortable staying in small areas unlike dogs. Indoor cats require a litter box where they can eliminate waste. Litter boxes need to be cleaned daily. Cats prefer clean litter boxes as they do not eliminate in dirty places. You need to keep the litter box clean everyday for them to eliminate.


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Domestic cats require regular grooming for a healthy body. Cats are very particular about cleanliness and you would not notice dirty cats. Actually cats groom on their own by licking themselves. They spend about 50% of their daytime in grooming. Grooming is done by using their barbed tongue to clean themselves. Never cut cat whiskers as they use their whiskers and tail for balance. Cats can also suffer from health problems, which include infectious diseases, injuries, arthritis, and obesity.

Food for Cats

Cats are obligate carnivores animals. They thrive only on meat and do not require any vegetables or grains for survival. They require high protein diet that can be in canned form or dry form meant for cats (see Canned vs Dry cat food, which one is best). The food meant for cats should be of high quality and the meat should be fresh and not stale. Stale food will harm your cats health. The nutrients and amino acids found in meats are good for the health of a cat.

Certain foods like milk and fish like tuna should not be fed to cats. Cats cannot digest milk proteins, which can cause diarrhea or indigestion (see Twenty Foods Your Cat Should Never Eat) If your cat is obese feed him foods that are less in fat and carbohydrates. Fresh clean water should be provided on a regular basis.

Cats are more popular in America as compared to dogs. Cats have a high breeding rate. Most cats can live for 12 to 14 years while some have known to live for 20 years. Domestic cats have evolved into more than 80 distinct breeds and are found everywhere around the world except in Antarctica. Cats especially the domestic ones are a good companion at home to play and cuddle. Make sure that you are not allergic to cats before getting one for your home.

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