Black and White Cat Names Ideal For Your Black and white Kittens

black and white cat name

black and white cat names, You must be over the moon after getting home that furry bundle of joy from a shelter home or from a reputed breeder. Now that you have finally got to your home that much awaited pet kitten or cats, the next logical step would be to give him or her name that will be its own identity for a longtime. Ideally the names are selected in such a way that it should suit the cat’s personality, color of the fur and breed.

You can consult your friends and relatives for name suggestion, but ideally it should be your personal decision since the name you give to your pet cat becomes a part of its identity. Name of kittens or cats should match its color and personality. A cat owner should keep these two things in mind before giving them a name.

If your feline friend is black or white in color, then it will be ideal that you select a few black and white cat names that will match your cats overall persona. Selecting a cat name can be pretty difficult and time-consuming for cat owners, but then ardent cat lovers won’t mind taking that trouble. You love your furry bundle of joy, don’t you?

The Mystery Behind The Black and White Colors in Cats

black and white cat name

Actually cats are born with two primary colors black and red. These two are the original colors in cats. The white color found in cats is actually the masking gene that actually hides or covers other color. So a black and white cat is actually a black cat with white spots. The white color only masks some color of the cats fur. Some cats have small or even large white markings on their fur. Most cat owners will name their black and white cats depending on this feature and how much amount of white color is present in the cat.

Black and White Cat Features

A black cat with a white spot on its chest looks like it is wearing a locket. A cat with white paws looks like it is wearing a mitten. One or more white spots on the belly of a cat have a resemblance to buttons of a shirt. Some black and white cats have equal amounts of white and black color fur and hence these cats are known as bi-color cats. A fully white colored cat with color patches only on the head and tail are called van. Black and white cats are also named chess, due to the striking color feature that is similar to a chess board.

A black and white cat with paws, chest and belly in white is usually referred to as tuxedo cats. These types of cats can also have some white color on their faces. Some people call the black and white cats Jellicle Cats named after T.S.Elliot. One of the poems of T.S.Elliot describes how cats get their identity or names and how difficult it is to name your cat.

A black and white kitten with a wild cat personality is named cyclone or twister. The name immediately brings forward its personality. A laid-back kitten is named dreamer, which instantly brings this unique personality trait. A naughty cat on the other hand can be named Dennis, the famous cartoon character known for its mischievous personality.

How to Select a Cat Name?

Once you have gone ahead and bought home a black and white cat, then the next step would be to give your new found feline friend a name. This job can be pretty difficult and time-consuming. Most cat owners name their cats depending on the color of its coat and there is a huge list of names that can match their color and personality. If you need any sort of inspiration you can consult your friends or relatives who can suggest you some funny or unique names that are suitable for the gender. You can even surf through various websites and find out names of famous celebrity pets or of famous personalities.

For example, the most famous name for a black and white cat is Hitler or tuxedo cat. Black and white cats have a mystery to them and the name should revolve around this unknown quality. Even the size of their fur can also be factored before deciding on the name, there can be certain names that are suitable for long haired cats and others for short haired ones. These names provide your feline friend with a unique individuality that is not only stylish, but also provide uniqueness. A cat needs a name that is dignified and peculiar.

Food Names for cats

Black and white cat names can be derived from various food items that match their personality.

These names include

Some cats are named after famous drinks like
Mai Tai

Cat Names of Famous Personalities

Many cat owners love to name their cats on famous personalities or celebrities. They may find some striking feature that can be associated with these celebrities.

Some famous celebrity names include
Forest Gump

Identifying a suitable black and white cat names for your loving feline friend takes a lot of research and some amount of inspiration. Inspiration can be gathered from your friends and relatives who can contribute by suggesting some names after studying the personality of your pet. The name should be perfect and matching your loving ball of fur.

You can go for traditional sounding or simple names given to humans, whatever may be the choice take your time and don’t rush. Usually the black and white cats have a very formal appearance hence as a cat owner you need to spot a name that gels well with its overall personality and appearance. Naming a cat based on its color is very simple, but making a final decision based on various factors can be a bit difficult, but then you love your cat don’t you.

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