18 Black and White Cat Breeds With A Tuxedo Coat

Black and white cat breeds

Black and white cat breeds, you may be surprised to hear that cats are also referred to a tuxedo cats. These are black and white cats with a bi-color coat pattern. The word tuxedo is used to refer to a color pattern of the coat in cats and is not a breed as such. These black and white cat breeds can be found in most breeds of cats and these bi-color cats carry a personality of the particular breed it belongs.

The tuxedo effect in cats gives it a very formal look and is very attractive. The main criteria for a cat to qualify for a tuxedo cat are a black body with a white colored chest and paws.

Occasionally they may have a moustache and some may even sport a bow tie. These types of cats are considered lucky because they bring wealth into the household. According to CFA, a tuxedo cat is one that has a black body, white paws, white belly, chest, throat and even a white face. This pattern can be found in both the longhaired as well as the shorthaired cat breeds.

If you have black and white cats, then the chances are that she is a mixed or domestic breed of cat, but there are many cat breeds that also come in tuxedo patterns. The following is the list of black and white cat breeds that are extremely popular among cat lovers around the world.

Black and white Cat Breeds that come in tuxedo pattern

1. American Shorthair Black and white Cat Breeds

The American Shorthair has its origins in the European shorthair cats. They set foot on North America with the early voyagers and travelers from Europe who travelled to America on Mayflower in 1620 with the sole purpose of protecting the cargo from damage. These working cats were known for their hunting skills, loving nature and beauty. The Cat Fanciers Association (CFA) officially recognized this beautiful cat breed as the first five registered breeds in 1906.

The breeder ensured that the working qualities, the looks, the easygoing nature and the attractive colors where preserved till today. It was only in the 1960s that this breed was named “American Shorthair” to suit the American character and to separate it from the other shorthair breeds. This was a purpose bred breed and had qualities that were different from the cats found in the neighborhood and on streets.

There is nothing extreme about the American shorthair. They are moderate cats with a muscular, strong and robust healthy body. They have a round head, wide set round eyes that come in various colors ranging from copper to green and an average looking nose. They have a short, thick and glossy coat that may turn rough depending on the weather.

The coat comes in 80 different colors and patterns including the black and white pattern. These are easy-going and very friendly cats. They are playful and remain so until old age. The American shorthairs are independent and will not pester you for attention. These gentle cats are good companions and get along well with children, dogs and other pets and people in family.

2. American Curl Black and white Cat Breeds

Identified by their unique ears that curl back, the American Curls are a cute looking breed that is rarely found outside the North America. The American Curls have a lot of admirers around the world and bring a huge smile on their faces. The ears of the American Curl are similar to that of a lynx with long tufts that face outwards giving it a swept back look, which complements the elegant, stylish and classy appearance of this breed. The gene that is responsible for the curled ears is a dominant gene with no side-effects. Two American curls can give birth to straight eared kittens.

At birth the kittens have straight ears, but the prominent curled back ears sets around 3 to 5 days of age and sets permanently when they are 16 weeks of age. They are medium sized cats with a long, lean and well-proportioned rectangular body. These cats have a silky flat lying coat with expressive walnut shaped eyes that are unique to this breed. They are available in both longhaired as well as shorthaired coats and patterns, including the black and white pattern. Since they have very little undercoat, they have very minimal shedding and less grooming.

American Curls are friendly, people loving, affectionate, faithful and get along well with children and other pets in the house. Due to their dog like attentive nature they tend to follow you around the house so that you don’t miss anything. These incredibly intelligent and curious cats retain their kitten like personality throughout their adulthood. They are referred as the “Peter Pan” of the cat world.

British Shorthair Black and white Cat Breeds

3. British Shorthair Black and white Cat Breeds

The British Shorthair is a sturdy breed with a dense coat of fur. They look like a teddy bear with a set of large round eyes. Though, not huge like Maine Coons, the British Shorthair is a medium to large sized cat. The shorthairs take at least three years to mature making them a slow maturing cat breed. Believed to have come into Britain during the Roman Empire, they were domesticated and raised to catch rodents and were considered good working cats. These cobby sized cats are heavy boned with short and round paws. They have short to medium length tail and a massive rounded head with a broad skull.

The British Shorthairs are friendly and easygoing breeds. These cats are very active when they are kittens, but are less agile and active when they grow up. These fairly independent cat breed is not very vocal. The British Shorthair is intelligent, quite and low maintenance breed. They are also referred to as British Blue, but come in various colors and a pattern including the tuxedo, though blue is the most recognized color. Their easy-going nature makes them a perfect cat for families with children and other pets.

Cornish Rex Black and white Cat Breeds

4. Cornish Rex Black and white Cat Breeds

The Cornish Rex is a medium sized cat with a slender, curved built and short curly coat. Along with the curved profile the Cornish Rex has large and expressive eyes. The legs of these cats are long and their body curves upwards from the ribs. Even though they look fine boned these cats are quite muscular. Generally cats have three types of hair, guard hair, awn hair and down hair, but the Cornish Rex lacks guard hair, which makes their hair very silky to touch.

They have longer wedge shaped head with oval eyes. In spite of their cool appearance these breeds are quite, friendly and active cats. They enjoy the company of humans and like to be included in all the day-to day activities. The Cornish Rexes have a good level of energy and indulge in acrobatics and they tend to continue this behavior into adulthood. These intelligent and loving cats love children and get along with other pets in the house.

The coat of Cornish Rex shed less, meaning it needs less maintenance. They are good for active households and hence are not recommended for people who prefer a docile and quite cat. They come in every possible colors and patterns including lavender, white, chocolate and color points.

Devon Rex

5. Devon Rex Black and white Cat Breeds

The Devon Rex is the Pixie of the cat world with large ears and big playful eyes that is similar to that of an elf. It is a small to medium sized cat with a muscular body. Their hind legs are longer than the forelegs. It has a wedge shaped head with broad cheekbones, strong chin, short muzzle and large eyes. They have large low set ears.

The Devon Rex has a short, soft and curly coat with all types of hair. Devon Rexes are low maintenance cats, but are not hypoallergenic as is widely believed, though they shed less compared to many other breeds. The Devon Rex comes in a wide range of colors and patterns including the bi-color, tabby and pointed.

Devon Rex is fun loving, relaxed and highly social cats. They take keen interest in all that is going around them and are able to learn tricks very easily. They are good at playing fetch, tag and hide and seek. This highly loyal and human loving breed has qualities similar to that of a dog. They will move around with you, even dine and sleep with you. This happy and playful nature of Devon Rex makes it a perfect choice for families with children. These childlike cats will chirp, coo, and trill. They will remain kittens forever at heart and happily connect with everyone in the family.

exotic cat

6. Exotic

They look like Persians, but with a shorthair. This relatively new cat breed originated in the United States in the late 1960s and is a result of crossing the American shorthair and the Persian cats. Since they are out crossed with the Persians the litters have both short hair as well as longhair kittens. Exotics have the same rounded face as that of a Persian, but with a thick, short and dense coat. These cats look like a teddy bear because of their cuddly and cute appearance.

These are medium to large sized cats with broad and deep chest along with sturdy legs and a tail with rounded tip. The Exotics have a round face with a small nose, short ears and large attractive eyes. The coat is thick, dense, plush and short. They are good for people, who don’t have the time to groom the Persians. Their coat is less messy and does not tangle. The coat comes in all the possible colors.

Exotics are quite, sweet, loyal and peaceful companions. They have an easygoing personality and are extremely affectionate. They will not pester you for attention. They will happily jump and curl up on your lap and lick your face. They are great indoor cats and love playing games, fetch and even play with toys. Their easygoing nature makes them a perfect fit for family homes with children and other pets.


7. LaPerm

Also referred to as Dalles LaPerm, the original mutation that formed the basis for the present LaPerm breed came from a healthy, strong, domestic barn cat. One of the kittens began to grow curly and soft hair. She was named Curly and the curly hair in this cat was a result of a dominant curly gene. Through controlled breeding the breeder was able to produce cats that had this unique curly hair, which instantly garnered a lot of attention in cat shows. The owner gave the name “La Perm”, which means rippled and wavy.

LaPerm comes in every recognized color and coat pattern. Some LaPerm kittens are born without any hair, but start having curly hair after eight weeks. The coat stands away from the body and can be wavy, long or short. The coat is soft to feel, even the whiskers are curled. The coat comes in every possible color and patterns.

The LaPerm is a medium sized cat with long legs. The hind legs are longer than the front legs with round paws. The head is long with long almond shaped eyes. The LaPerm is a gentle and sweet cat with a loyal and loving nature. They are extremely active and intelligent cats. These cats enjoy sitting on the lap and love the company of humans. LaPerm are good family cats as they get along well with children and other pets in the house.

maine coon cat

8. Maine Coon

The stories of Maine Coons are legendry and surrounded by myths. Maine Coon is native to America. This is a longhaired cat and is recognized as the official cat of the state of Maine. The locals held them in high regard for their mousing talents. Maine Coons were evolved naturally and slowly and steadily developed into a sturdy and working cat that was able to adapt to the harsh winters of the region. They are known for their sturdy and rugged appearance with an uneven coat. They use their long and heavy tail to keep themselves warm.

The ears are large in size and well tufted for maximum protection and warmth. They have a silky and oily coat, which is not very dense; hence maintaining them is quite easy compared to the longhaired breeds. They love all the attention showered on them while grooming. Maine Coons coat come in many different colors and patterns.

The Coons are known as the Gentle Giants of the cat world as they are highly active and possess dog like personality. They are loyal and choose to be close to one particular member of the family. These cats are loyal, gentle, and love climbing on high surfaces. They love playing in water. These cats are adaptable in any environments and gets along well with large families and children. Maine Coons are great indoor cats that are friendly with other pets in the house, so you can safely keep them at home even though they look big.

Munchkin cat

9. Munchkin

Munchkin is a new cat breed that was discovered in1983. They have a characteristically short legs and the breed is a result of a spontaneous genetic mutation. When mating a Munchkin to a domestic breed, half of the kittens were born with short legs. Munchkin is a medium sized cat with short legs with hind legs slightly longer than the front legs. Even though they have short legs, these cats can jump and run like any other cat. This breeds though a bit controversial, come in every possible coat color and pattern. They come in both long and short hair. The longhaired cat will require some grooming.

Munchkins are friendly and playful breeds and retain their kitten like personality well into their adulthood. They learn tricks pretty quickly. The Munchkins are affectionate and gets along well with children and other pets in the house making them a good family pet.

10. Norwegian Forest Cat

The Norwegian Forest Cat is a long haired large sized cat native to Norway. Despite their large and rugged appearance these cats are extremely affable and are good house cats. They have a great relationship with their human companions. The breed takes some time to grow and reaches full adulthood by 4-5 years.

This powerfully built cat has a long body with hind legs that are longer than the front legs. The feet are strong with tufts that make walking on the ice easier. They have thick and long tail. The head is wedge shaped with almond shaped eyes. Their long coat requires grooming on a daily basis to prevent knots from forming.

The coat is long and waterproof and it has a dense and woolly undercoat with smooth guard hairs. The coat comes in every possible color and patterns, except Color-point. This active cat has an excellent ability to climb higher places. They are intelligent and love all the attention they receive from their little fans in the house.

Oriental shorthair

11. Oriental Shorthair

The main purpose of developing the Oriental shorthair was to explore the possibilities of different patterns and color. Oriental cat is a Siamese type cat conceived in the United Kingdom. The main purpose of developing this breed was to create a Siamese type cat with different colors. Oriental comes in both shorthair as well as longhair. The Oriental shorthair is a medium sized cat with a svelte body. The tubular body has long and slender legs, oval paws, and a thin tail that tapers to the end.

It has a wedge shaped head, large ears and almond shaped eyes. The coat lies close to the body and comes in all possible colors and patterns except the pointed coat pattern.
Just like the Siamese, the Orientals are talkative, agile, social, intelligent and friendly cats. These personality traits last well into their adulthood. These are family loving cats and are suitable for homes with children and pets. They can be trained to walk on a leash and hates being alone in the house with no companions.

Oriental Longhair

12. Oriental Longhair

The Oriental Longhair belongs to the Siamese breed group with a long semi-long coat and an elegant body. Just like the Siamese, the Oriental Longhair is intelligent, lively, social, agile, loving and talkative cats. They are good at fetching toys and can be even trained easily. These devoted cats love companionship and hate to be left alone. The Oriental breed comes in 281 colors both in longhair as well as in shorthair. These colorful cats are elegant and graceful in all sense.

13. Persian

Persian is one of the most popular cat breed around the world. Persians are cobby type, heavy boned cats with thick legs and big paws. Their tail is shorter compared to their body. They have large broad head and a set of expressive eyes. They are sweet and gentle natured and have a laidback attitude. They get along well with people and other pets in the house. Their docile and quiet personality may not gel with children.

They hate to be left alone and long for a companion. These are generally docile cats with a calm demeanor. They don’t like changes and like to stay indoors. Persian cats come in many different colors and patterns including bi-color. Persians require daily grooming due to their longhair, which is prone to knots.

Peterbald cat

14. Peterbald

Also called as St.Petersburg Hairless, the Peterbald is a manmade cat breed with its origins in Russia. The gene that is responsible for the hairlessness in the Peterbald is a dominant gene. This is a long, lithe and graceful looking breed, just like the Orientals. Even though they have fine bones, they still look muscular. The legs are long, the paws are oval shaped and their tail is long, just like a whip. Their head is wedge shaped with almond shaped eyes.

The Peterbald comes in all different colors and coats possible. Peterbald is an affectionate, intelligent, loving, playful, curious and social breed. They get along well with children and other pets in the house. They can be a great family cat.

Scottish Folds

15. Scottish Fold

Caused by a spontaneous mutation, the Scottish Folds come in both normal ears as well as the characteristically unique folded ears. The folded ears are a result of a spontaneous mutation. The kittens are born with normal ears, but their ears start folding at about three to four weeks of age. They are hardy cats, similar to their barnyard ancestors. The Scottish Folds are medium sized cats with a cobby body.

The folded ears give the head and face of this breed a rounded appearance. The coat is short and dense and comes in possible color and pattern except the Color-point. This is a quiet breed with an affectionate and loving personality. They are intelligent, soft spoken and loyal breeds. They are friendly with people, children and pets in the house.

manx cat

16. Manx

This ancient breed originated in the Isle of Man. This is a tailless cat breed that is caused due to a mutation. These are working cats of Isle of Man and as such are intelligent and active, but with a balanced personality. Besides their Taillessness, these cats are robust with a rounded appearance. The eyes are large and rounded with a slight tilt towards the ear. They come in both longhair as well as shorthair coats.

The Manx are playful, intelligent, and devoted family cats. They are dog like when it comes to loyalty and affection. They love doing jokes and get along well with children in the house. You don’t have to worry about rodents if you have a Manx at home, as they are excellent at hunting down rats.

Siberian cat

17. Siberian

Siberian cat is a national treasure of Russia and have found a mention in children textbooks and fairy tales. This is a medium to large sized cat with an excellent physique. They have an alert appearance, but also have a sweet expression on their face. Their eyes color varies from green to gold and all the in-between shades. There are even odd eyed cats. The coat is long and water-repellant ideal to suit the local weather. The coat comes in all different colors and combinations, which remain tangle free, but requires occasional brushing.

The Siberians love human company, playing with children and other animals. They are agile, fearless and remain calm on most occasions. These cats express themselves through chirps, trills and purring. They like playing fetch and are quite curious by nature.

Also, referred to as “Jellicle Cats”, these very popular black and white cat breeds pattern occurs in almost any breed of domestic cat. These formal looking cats have a personality that is similar in most breeds though their size may vary. Though the black and white coat is appealing to most people these cats are usually active and friendly. If you are a fan of tuxedos, then you can select one from any of the above mentioned breeds.

18. American Wirehair

The American Wirehair is a black and white cat breed that is known for its unique coat. The wirehair coat is caused by a spontaneous mutation, and it is characterized by stiff, wiry hairs that stand up straight from the skin. The wirehair coat is not only unique in appearance, but it also provides the American Wirehair with a number of benefits. The wirehairs help to deflect dirt and debris, and they also provide some insulation against the cold. In addition, the wirehair coat is very low-maintenance, as it does not require regular brushing or combing. As a result, the American Wirehair is an ideal pet for busy families or those with allergies.

There are many different types of black and white cat breeds, each with its own distinct appearance. Some of the most popular black and white cat breeds include the British Shorthair, the Exotic Shorthair, and the Scottish Fold. While each breed has its own unique traits, they all share one important characteristic: they make excellent companions. Black and white cats are known for their affectionate nature and their ability to bond closely with their human families. If you’re looking for a loyal and loving companion, consider adopting a black and white cat breeds.

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