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Cats talking or meow a lot. Your feline must be meowing a lot incessantly and you may sometimes find it difficult to comprehend the meaning of their constant talk. The Talking Cat or Meowing is a way to communicate in cats and excessive meowing or talking cats doesn’t necessarily mean he or she is always complaining or is not happy.

The reasons for cat meowing may be different each time, maybe he is hungry or maybe there is something serious. If your cat is usually quiet and suddenly becomes very vocal, then you need to determine the cause. Once you get an idea of what is causing them to meow constantly then it becomes easier to calm them down.

The following are the different reasons why your cats talking so much.

1. She Might Be Hurt.

cats talking

If your usually quiet and docile cat suddenly starts meowing excessively, then there is a reason to worry. As a cat parent you need to take him to a vet immediately to rule out any serious medical condition that may be affecting him. If the behavior of your cat is rather unusual, then it may be due to any physical discomfort or medical condition that needs to be taken care immediately. There can be various reasons why your cat is constantly meowing, which you cannot see or understand.

Your cat can be affected by a variety of diseases, which can lead to pain, hunger or thirst all of which can cause excessive meowing. A quick trip to the veterinarian for a thorough examination can help identify the root cause of your cat talking so much. If any medical care needs to be given, it can be started immediately without any further delay.

2. She Just Wants To Say HI.

cat speaks

Cat’s often meow when they see humans. Sometimes the cats talking can be more than usual, but if everything is okay, a cat meows at humans just to say “hi”. If you are a working cat parent and are out of home for a long duration, the cat will meow at you when you enter the house, just to say “hello”. You may be very tired after a hard day at work and just want to relax, but this type of meowing is just a compliment and take it as that way.

It is always nice to know that your feline loves you and misses you when you are not at home. It just means “how are you” and I missed you a lot. Even if you are in the house throughout, a cat will meow when they see you inside the house; it is a form of greeting. The cats will talk when you say “hi” to him or her.

3. She Is Hungry.

cats hungry

Just like babies, who only know to cry when he or she is hungry, the cat only knows meowing as a way to communicate with you when he is hungry and needs food. The hungry meow is easy to identify and most cat parents can easily know by the tone that the kitty is hungry. Most cats are extremely vocal and do a lot of cat talking when the feeding time nears.

Mealtimes can be very demanding for cat parents and cats tend to be restless when there is any delay from your side. Even the sight of your entering the kitchen can signal the cat to meow loudly in the expectation of food. If you are a late riser and have a cat at home, then expect your cat to wake you up to serve him breakfast. Some cat’s meow when they see humans eating the human food served on the dining table.

4. She Wants Your Attention.

cat want attention

Just like little kids when they want something they cry, the cats also meow for getting your attention. Cats like to have a social connect with its human friends and some cats are extremely vocal just to garner your attention. Your cat may want you to play with him, have a conversation or just want you to stroke him. Cat’s meow a lot when they are left alone in the house for long durations and this is especially true for cat parents who travel a lot and who are away from home for many hours. Cat talking or meowing is just a way to seek your attention when you are at home.

It is just a way of demanding attention from their cat parent. Just spending some quality time with your feline friend like playing, talking or stroking will calm him down and reduce the continuous meowing to a large extent.

5. She Is Tired of Your Shit.

cat tired

If your feline friend is a chatterbox or engages in very little conversation, understanding the cat talking will cement your relationship with your cat. Cats meow excessively sometimes to get your attention so that you spend time playing and teaching him some tricks. In the process of spending time and teaching him to play, it can happen that your cat can get bored. He may want you to stay away from him and give him some space. An ageing cat is more vocal and meows very frequently.

He may not like all the playful activities that are designed for him or maybe he is too bored of the regular tricks and wants you to stop. As a cat ages he suffers from mental confusion and becomes disoriented. Cat talking is more at this stage, but too much attention towards them can be an issue for these cats making them all the more talkative. It is an effective way to say please leave me alone for some time.

6. She Wants To Get Out Of Your Room.

talking cats

Meowing is the primary way for cats to let its owners know what he needs and what he doesn’t need. They know that cat talking is the only effective way to get things done from their owners. If a cat wants to go outside he or she knows that standing in front of the door and meowing is enough to convey the message. There are times when your pet cat needs some me time and doesn’t want anyone to be around. There may be various reasons for this, but cat parents should understand this particular meowing tone and give your feline friend the required space.

Cats might be stressed or simply bored of the activities and just want you to clear the space for him to relax a bit. Maybe there is a lot of commotion around and he wants some quiet area where he doesn’t want to be disturbed.

7. She is in Heat.

cat in heat

Female cats can be very irritable when they are in heat. Such cats are extremely vocal during this period. Cats that are not neutered or spayed tend to do a lot of cats talking when they are in heat. Females yowl to attract the attention of male cats in the locality. It is a way to convey to them that she is ready to mate and produce kittens. Spaying or neutering will help to eliminate this problem for both male and female cats.

A female cat that is not spayed will yowl incessantly when she is in heat, and this annoying sound can be too much at times. This special meowing sound can be maddening and can disturb the house. There is nothing to worry, especially for new cat owners who don’t know the reason for this special vocalization. The only solution to stop this annoying sound is to get them spayed or neutered.

8. She is Stressed.

cat stressed

A stressed and nervous cat is always talking. A stressed cat tends to meow a lot. Stress can be caused due to various factors, which can sometimes be known to owners. Stress can be due to any ailment, change in environment, change in home, loss in the family, a new pet added to the family all of these can lead to stress in cats. Any major change in the house or ailment can cause severe anxiety in felines.

Anxious and unhappy cats are very vocal than usual and the classic example of stress is when you take your cat to a vet. Every time you will notice them meowing more than usual. Cats talking while in stress can be controlled by giving them care and attention. Spend some time with your cat to understand the reasons; this can be very reassuring for cats. Once you find out the reason for her stress, it will be easier for her to adjust to the situation.

9. She is Angry.

cats hungry

Angry and irritated cats will be seen meowing loudly. The agitated meow or growl is easy to identify. Cats are agitated or angry when they feel threatened or are being harmed. Whenever a cat is agitated the cats talking can be very high-pitched and this is noticed when you try to harm them or irritate them often by doing things which they don’t like it at all.

In certain household with kids, cats are very angry when their tail is being pulled more often or are being hit by naughty little kids. Cats are patient and will not attack immediately, but if she feels she is threatened or harmed she will make loud growling meows just to warn the other person. It is just a warning to back-off and not to attack or harm. They can get angry even with other pets in the house. Some cats are docile and like to be left alone, but with other active pets around it can be too much for the kitty to handle.

10. She Wants You To Stay And Cuddle.

cat love

Cats love all the attention that is showered on them. Generally most cats have a particular person in the family with whom they are very close and attached to. Cat meows for care and cuddle from their owners when they are away for the whole day and come home and are busy with their chores. These furry friends want you to cuddle and spend some more time with them as they may be feeling lonely or missing you.

Such cats need attention, love and care. Spending some quality time with them will ensure that they don’t suffer from any separation anxiety. Cuddling and cajoling will reduce this type of cats talking, which is not very loud, but can disturb your activities if they are not given proper attention or are ignored. Having a conversation with your cat will have a great positive impact on your cat’s behavior.

11. She is Getting Old and Lazy.

cat lazy

Old age can be very depressing for cats, as they are less active and feel tired more due to the age. Their daily exercises diminish and they don’t feel like doing any activities like playing. During the old age cats are lazier and look dazed most times. Old age affects their memory in the same manner like us humans. Due to old age, cats tend to meow more because of the surrounding disturbances. They are more likely to be confused.

Confusion and low vision at old age can cause the cat to hit at things in the house, which was otherwise easier to find. Disorientation can often lead to cat talking for no good reason. This crying is frequent at nights. A night light can reduce the nighttime disorientation. A veterinarian help at this time will be needed. Your vet can examine the cat and prescribe some medications that may help in this condition and the associated behaviors.

12. She Wants to Play.

cat want to play

Cats are as friendly and social as dogs, but most people think they are loners and don’t need any activities to keep them active and energetic. Cats are not anti-social and love their playtime a lot. Cats are very active and love playing with different type of toys and are also eager to learn few tricks. Cat talking is more when they are left alone at home with no toys or activities to keep them occupied.

If you have to go out for work and come home late, it would be advisable to leave some toys for them so that they remain active and occupied. An empty home can be very depressing for the cat. A companion would be the best solution, so that they don’t get bored and depressed until you come home at the end of the day. Another cat or any other pet in the house will keep your cat engaged and happy.

13. She is Being Defensive.

cat defensive

Excessive meowing by cats is a way to communicate their feelings to their owners. Just like a small baby who knows only crying as the way to express his feelings, cat talking is different for each different reason. An experienced cat owner will identify each and every type of meows and knows what to do.

Cats can sometimes feel as if they are being attacked and at such times they can be very defensive. The defensive meow is different from the agitated meow and with experience one can separate the differences and act accordingly. The reason for their defensive behavior needs to be recognized so that they can be made comfortable.

Your behavior and surroundings in the house should be such that your cat shouldn’t feel threatened and instead feel extremely comfortable around the house. Your cat should be able to communicate with you all the fears and anxieties. As a cat parent you should also be able to gauge the situation almost instantly.

14. She wants Her Mommy.

cats sad

Kittens miss their moms at times and want to feel the comforting cuddle of their mothers. Mother cats frequently meow to their kittens as a way of communication. The kittens in particular that have just finished their nursing stage still miss the warmth of their mothers. A cat talking or cat meowing is found more in kittens mainly when you get them home for the first time. These kittens are not used to staying away from their mothers for a longtime.

They are sure to miss their mothers and their bodily warmth for a few days. Cats will meow to call their mother in the new environment. You can offer to comfort your new possession by cuddling or talking with them. The more you spend time with your cat it will be extremely comfortable and will not miss their mothers. You have to be patient here. It may take a few days for the cat to get adjusted to the new house and the people around.

15. She is Excited.

cat excited

Cats love attention and will go to any extent to grab your attention. If your cat is staying alone in the house for the whole day and you are out on work, she is obviously going to show her excitement every time you open the door of the house. An excited cat will never harm you; instead, she will follow you around until you sit down and pay her attention. Cat talking is more when a she is excited at the sight of one particular member of the house with whom she is very comfortable.

Spending some quality time and engaging in little conversations will bring down the excitement in cats. Once the cat is calm and rested, you can engage in some playful tricks to make up for the whole day. I am sure they will love it and look forward for it each day.

16. She Wants to Say Excuse Me.

cats talking

Cats can display some unusual behaviors, but there is nothing to worry about. To convey their emotions and feelings they can do different forms of cat talking. One of them is just to say that he is busy and doesn’t want to be disturbed. This kind of meow can be identified by experienced cat owners who have spent a considerable amount of time with their feline friend. Certain breeds of cats are very naughty and will invent this kind of meow to show their dominance in the house.

They will love to own you completely and will behave in such a way to show that I am the boss here and you have to listen to me. Such behavior should not be encouraged, but you need not be strict either. A simple pat on the head is enough to convey your feelings before walking away. Yes, cats can be strange at times, but we humans are not far behind.

17. She is Mocking Other Cats

cats talking

Cats can be very naughty at times and it is very difficult to understand their behavior. Just as small kids mock the behavior of adults or other children, cats also mock the behavior of other feline members in the house. Cats talking in such cases can be altogether different from their regular meow. She may meow like other cats if she feels the other cat is garnering more attention in the house. She will try to follow the footsteps of other cats if the method seems to work.

It will be difficult for an indoor cat to mock other cats, but if she regularly ventures out of the house she will come in contact with other cats and grasping their behavior or meowing sounds can be easy for her. As long as the mocking of other cats is harmless and doesn’t bother you, then it is better to leave it unnoticed.

18. She Wants to Show Her Love For You.

cats talking

Cats are as loving and caring as dogs, but their way of showing affection is different and unique. Both are different species of animals and their behaviors will be different. Cats talking to show her love to you can be easily identified if you are away from her for a longtime. She will obviously miss you a lot and display her affection and love to you by soft meows, which is more like a caring one.

A cat will show her love when you spend some time with her and communicate and play with her. Along with meowing some cats will lick your face with their tongue, but this is very rare. Just as I said, cats are unique and their way of showing love is also different. They will never shy away from showing their love towards their owners be it any time.

As a cat parent you may know that cat’s meow for many unknown reasons, which can be difficult to understand at times. Cats are capable of making different kinds of vocalizations, and they use unique sounds in different situations that have a different meaning altogether. By paying attention to the cats talking and the situations where it has been used, it will become easier to understand them and their emotions. It will help you bond better with your feline friend.

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